Compiling questions

How do I start page numbers at 1 after the title page? I add the <$p> to the header, but it puts page number on the title page and the actual first page of the manuscript is then 2.

Also, I put in the header and it doesn’t display the date. It says, obviously enough, .

Question 1: Click on the “Options” tab right above the header and footer area you are working in. You will find an option for switching off standard header/footers on the first page (which can be extended to include up to page 10).

Question 2: The code is <$shortdate>. All of the built-in placeholders use the <$…> style.

Ah, thanks. The manual is wrong then. It doesn’t show the “$”.

Thanks, I see where the mistake is. Several of them it looks like.

Note also that the American Letter sized manual is different from the A-4 Version. Notably, in that very table that lists those codes.

Are they both the same revision, and are we talking about table 24.2? They look identical to me in that they both have the same flaw.

The text in the table doesn’t wrap for me. Could my computer.

Hmm, I doubt it. One of the advantages of PDF is that it looks the same everywhere. Try jumping to the title page and check the revision number in the bottom, in the copyright area, does it says 2.0.5-01? The prior revision did have a poorly laid out table like you describe.

Yes, that was it. Thanks.