Compiling removs before/after paragraph spacing

Hello! Sorry if this has been brought up.

I am working on a project, loving Scrivener for many reasons. And I decided to do a test compile. In my project I have a space between 2 paragraphs, but only one row. So I have set the before/after space of paragraphs to be above zero to get it as I prefer it over double rows. But when I compile it to word, pdf or anything the paragraph space just disappears and they are crammed together like a giant wall of text that is close to unreadable.

I have even tried put in extreme values in Scrivener and it still removes it. What am I doing wrong or is this a bug?

What do you mean by a row?

Could it be you’re using soft returns?

Turn on show invisibles and find out.

The arrow one is soft return, backward P is hard return as I understand it.
I tried to show but it neitehr lets me upload or include links to show but it is a hard return there, but in word and PDF the hard return spacing disappears. Even when extremely exaggerated in scriveners settings.

The paragraph marker is called pilcrow.

the backward P one? Thank you :smile: I didn’t know that!

Now, got any ideas what is causing this issue with compiling?

Sounds to me like you have “Override text and notes formatting” set in the Compile section formatting. If that is set, you need to set the spacing between paragraphs in the section formats involved.



Excuse me but I am stupid here, where do I find this setting? I have looked at several places and do not seem to find it.

It seems to only be in Scrivener 2, and not Scrivener 3 as far as I can see, how do I do it in 3?

I finally found it! Thank you all!

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Glad you got it worked out.

As a general rule, the Compile format you use is in charge of how your finished output will look. So, setting the appearance of paragraphs in the editor will in the first instance only effect the appearance in the editor. Two exceptions to this worthy of note: i) you can compile your draft “as is” and this will output your text much as it looks in the editor pane, ii) if you use defined styles for special paragraphs — like for inset text for long quotations — then those style settings will generally pass through to the output (though whether this happens is still ultimately under the control of the Compile format).

My favorite use of this formatting distinction is this: I have my default paragraph set (in a monospace font and) to have no [first-line] indent and 12pts of space after. But on compile in addition to putting the text into a finishing typeface, the body paragraphs all get set with a [first-line] indent and no space after. The output us a very standard format for paragraphs, of course. The look in the editor is set as it is because when I am writing, I want to be able to see markedly clearly how my paragraphs are breaking out. So, Scrivener’s approach is perfect for this.

Yes, yes, and yes. But do you really use hanging indents? (I’m not saying you’re doing it wrong, it’s just unusual from what I’m used to.)

I am sorry but what spurred this question given nothing of writing has been shown? This is about space between paragraphs, vertical space, not about indentation.

Thank you, I will keep it in mind :slight_smile:

This question was aimed at @gr’s reply.

Oops, yeah. Duly edited for terminology screw up.

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You are not stupid, just inexperienced. There is a difference. :thinking: