Compiling: replacing the font for "compile as-is" elements


I’m trying to print out the first draft on my novel in a form that will hopefully save more ink and paper than if I were to format it more properly. During the compile, I’m attaching to replace the font I used for the writing and also use a smaller size.

My title page and chapter headers ignore the font change. I believe this must be because they have “compile as-is” checked, but if I uncheck them, unfortunate things happen to the formatting.

Is there any way I can replace the font for these elements at compile time? Or do I have to manually do it myself for each page in the regular text editing window. I could just leave it alone, since it’s just a printing of the first draft so I can start revising, but it would be good to know an easy way to change this in case I decide to do the writing in a font/size that isn’t appropriate for submission, then want to change everything when I properly format everything.

At the moment there isn’t a good solution for this. The best you could do is turn off As-Is for the title pages, and then tweak the Formatting compile pane options so that the level of changes it makes on the documents is diminished. The Options button is in the header row where the override checkbox is. In that, the whole middle section is for setting how strict the override should be. Since cover pages mainly depend upon alignment, tabs, and indents—settings those two corresponding checkbox to on would protect their layout. But, that’s a global setting, so if you need to change paragraph indent and spacing in the final copy, that’s not going to be the best solution. Another workaround would be using Preserve Formatting on the title page elements. Just Cmd-A and Format/Formatting/Preserve Formatting to add the blue protection box around them. Not back in the same Options pane from before, you can tune how much protection these boxes provide. By default these will be As-Is, even font is protected, but by merely checking off the main box there and leaving the rest of the checkboxes alone, you’ll no longer be protecting the font face.

Those all aside, we’ll have a better solution for you coming up soon, a way of making a simple global font family change to the entire manuscript, As-Is or no.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yeah, it doesn’t bother me enough to try messing with any of that stuff, so I’ll just leave it as is. The simple global font family change you mention sounds useful. I’ll look forward to it :slight_smile: