Compiling scene titles

I must be missing something totally obvious… :slight_smile:
I am new and have today struggled with compiling my manuscript. In the editor outline I have named folders and scenes, which I would like to see compiled as titles. No matter what settings I tweak, on or off, I just get the text out, never any titles. On the Compile->Formatting tab I check all ‘title’ boxes. The preview below does show the ‘title’.

I have tried the presets as well. No titles come out when I save the compile.
I have tried adding levels in the Formatting tab, all with ‘title’ checked. Nothing.

Can someone tell me the obvious thing I am missing here?

(added later)
OK OK, found it. I had for some reason ticked off the checkbox that is called “As-Is”. Not that I understand what on earth that box is for, but the result of ticking it off prevents compile of any chapter or scene title. OK.

Glad you found it!

As-Is suppresses any of the ‘extras’ that Scrivener adds, from font changes to titles, as well as preserving all indentation and other formatting done in Scrivener. Depending on your needs, ‘as-is’ may not be needed, or only needed rarely.