Compiling Script - Title and numbers on each page?

I’ve got a draft of a scene from my script ready to show in class and I’m ready to compile it in Scrivener. However, it seems that if I just print out the scene, there is no title, author name, or page numbers. How do I get this important information as part of my script. Note, I do not wish to create a title page at this time as I’m only showing a scene, though I would like the name of the work, my name, and page numbering to appear on each page.

How do I go about doing this?


edit: With a little digging through the FAQ I was able to find this article which is very helpful: … -tags-list

However there doesn’t seem to be a way to add my name on each page using this method, correct? Also, do I have to manually go through each page in order to insert the project information?

That list you found is only the Windows set. The full Mac list is located in your Help menu, under “Placeholder Tags List…”. Specifically, check the “User and Project Information” section about halfway down. Also, if you haven’t found where to put these yet, they go in the Page Settings compile option pane. There are six fields, a pair of three for the page header and footer respectively, and then for left/centre/right alignment. You would put your placeholder codes in here, along with any static text or page numbering codes.