Compiling selected chapters

I’ve just started using Scrivener and am looking to export several chapters to send to my writer’s group for critique. I’m using the auto-numbering for the chapter numbers, but when I select only Chapters 2 & 3 to compile, they’re exported as “Chapter 1” and “Chapter 2”. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Here are my settings:

There is no good way to do this at the moment, unfortunately. The ability to ignore parts of the draft yet take into account their numbering is something that has been added to the next version. What you can do for now though, is insert some dummy counters into a text file before the “CHAPTER 2” document. In this case, you only need to insert one <$n> or whatever relevant counter you are using. Then you can simply delete this placeholder from the final copy before sending it out.

What is auto-numbering? I’m trying to figure out how to get the program to re-number my chapters when I insert a new one in between two existing chapters. Sounds like what I need, but can’t seem to find it! Thanks!

You can find the full complement of counters in the Edit/Insert/Auto-Number/ sub-menu, though once you learn the sequences you can just type them in as well. Put these in your binder titles if you want, or anywhere in the text if you format titles in the text itself.

Do note that if you take the former route, you might want to just leave it be until 2.0, as it will allow you to prefix, suffix (or even fully replace) binder titles with generic sequences like Chapter <$w>, keeping your Binder cleaner.

Have you considered just editing your compiled manuscript, deleting all but the chapters you want to submit? If you’re using PDF, you can “print” it, selecting the page range to print, and then save that as a pdf instead of just printing it to paper.