Compiling selected docs

I have selected a number of documents in the Binder using Ctrl key. I’d like to compile them to print. When I go to Compile though, I have to locate them all over again. Can I select the docs I want to compile in the Binder?

Thanks in advance for your help.

You can’t compile a selection directly, but if the documents’ position in the binder hierarchy is not important for compiling, you can do this by creating a new Collection from the selection–just right-click the selection in the binder and choose “Add to Collection > New Collection” (or from Project > Add Collection). You can then choose this collection from the drop-down menu at the top of the compile Contents area. The contents will then list just the items contained in the collection.

Noob here but…

Can’t you just click on the text in the folder and click “Include in Compile” check box OFF on the right in the General meta-Dada to run off what you do not want to compile?

Just turn off what you don’t want to compile.