compiling speed on MAC

Hi ,

I got 2 laptop which are the latest Macbook air and an old lenovo BM950 cpu laptop . Then i found when i want to compile my project( around 60 mb including some research files ) , it took much longer time on mac( around 8 seconds ) the my lenovo . Is it normal?



Are you compiling to .doc/x or .odt? If so then yes, it is expected to be a bit slower. The Mac doesn’t have a really good native converter for these formats, so we use a Java converter that is built-in to Scrivener, and that is slow, but produces a high-quality result. On Windows we can make use of MS Office libraries, if it is installed, which is much faster.

For most things, RTF is fine however (if you get someone complaining and saying that isn’t a Word file, just change the extension to .doc, it will open fine in Word that way), and RTF will compile very quickly as it is Scrivener’s native format.

Thanks AmberV ,

I found the compiling speed is "slower " no matter what format i want to compile , including RTF. I mean , on Mac , it takes around 9~12 seconds to compile my project , and on PC , it takes only 1 second . Do you know any other possible reason for that ? maybe some settings are not proper on my Mac ?


That might be an acceptable difference. The Mac compiler does significantly more than the Windows compiler at this point, so there is just more going on throughout the process.