Compiling Synopsis no longer works

I am using Scrivener 1 for Windows, on Win 7. I have been able to compile all my synopses in the past, but now it will no longer do so. Select Synopsis as my formatting option, I tried loading the Synopsis Preset (but it looks like nothing changes at all). Instead of the synopsis I get the text of my story - no synopsis. I have also had trouble compiling my project to include binder chapter titles/comments/notes/etc, following all the tutorials. It simply won’t include them. So maybe in trying to get this done, I screwed up something, but shouldn’t reloading the preset over-ride any changes? FTR, I have gone to the FORMATTING option to include only the synopsis and titles, and I’m still getting text – and yes, I make sure Synopsis still shows as Format option on the Formatting page (though it does keep wanting to change to Custom). I’m at my wits end with the compile, and Yes, I hope to get the New version soon, but for now I simply need HELP!!! Thank you.

Scrivener 1 has no such bugs, so you’ve done something wrong.