Compiling Tabs

Greetings All,

In my project I have a number of texts that are indented past the standard paragraph indent, by using three tabs. When compiling to ePub the tabs disappear. I figured the compiler stripped those out and I couldn’t find a setting that would keep them, so I removed the tabs and set the left indent to make up for it, i.e., keeping the text indented the preferred amount. The compiler stripped that out also,

Is there a way to compile a project and keep indentations for certain text?



You should do a bit of research on preparing a document for epub, so you don’t fall victim to this sort of issue. Generally speaking, in any word processor, you want to avoid the TAB character. These days, you want to use paragraph formatting to automatically indent all your paragraphs.

As to how to make some paragraphs start out indented further than others… I’m not sure how one would do that, or why. Are you trying to do a block quote? If so, use that style in Scrivener for those paragraphs, and I believe it will compile to epub correctly. If not, you’ll want to figure out if there’s a way to format your paragraphs the way you want to in the epub specification first. Then come back here armed with the specific epub terms that describe what you’re trying to get at.