Compiling text documents

After I’m finished writing my article I then compile it as a text document. I then open the text document and it does not contain any formatting that pertains to double space paragraphs as when I wrote the original document. All the text sentences are run on and there is no spacing between paragraphs at all.

To alleviate this problem I then copy the text document to a Word document, which then shows the correct spacing, and then copy it back into the original text document that Scrivener orginally saved it too.

Since I am new to this program there has to be an option that I’m overlooking. But I just can’t seem to find the correct one to tweak. I’m sure that I’m missing something here and asking for help.

thank you in advance for helping me out in this matter,

What program are you opening the file in? E.g. if you compile to .txt and use UTF-8 encoding, then open the file in WordPad, it should display with the paragraph breaks and so on, but opening in Notepad will display one giant run-on paragraph. So as a workaround for now I’d say try opening it in another program and resaving to .txt from there to preserve the paragraph breaks.

thanks MM for the suggestion,

I do have a workaround in saving the compiled text document to word then reformatting back to where it has spaces and paragraphs within the document. then I do save it back to notepad with all the proper formatting changes.

thanks again,