Compiling the contents of a folder: two suggestions

I have just purchased Scrivener for iOS (at the time of writing, version 1.1.1). Having come back over from Ulysses (due to their move to a subscription model that locks you out when the subscription expires), I am very impressed. However, I almost abandoned ship due to a lacunae in the built-in tutorial, had [url]] not provided the key to what I was looking for

The tutorial makes no mention of being able to compile all files in a folder. In fact, this is possible, by swiping right-to-left on the folder and choosing “Compile Contents”, followed by clicking the option “Compile Current Group Only” in the options pane that then appears.

It is good that the ability to compile the contents of a folder does exist. But I would like to request two things:

  1. That the tutorial be updated. It is not only that the description of how to do so is missing, but rather that the tutorial clearly states you can only export a single file, or compile everything in the draft folder.

  2. That the process be simplified. At the moment, when you swipe on the folder, you choose “Compile Contents”. This would seem to imply that the contents of the folder would be compiled, to the exclusion of all else. But this is not so. Rather, it will compile the entire draft, unless that option “Compile Current Group Only” is chosen. I cannot see the value in adding this extra option, since (a) by swiping on the folder, one assumes the command applies only to that folder, and (b) we have a number of other ways to compile the whole draft.

I wonder whether assigning the swipe function to compiling only the contents of that folder would suffice.

It would also be good to have this same functionality applied to a document that has other documents nested below it — not only for folders. At the moment, this is not possible in any fashion.

Thank you for considering these.