Compiling the entire binder

is it possible to compile/export the entire binder (Drafts, Research and Clippings) as one single rtf file?

No. The Compile command only incorporates documents from the Drafts folder. (And potentially linked images from elsewhere.)

You can compile any text in the binder, but only text. You won’t see images or PDF files included.

The easiest way to do that is to run a project search for everything, by typing * (a single asterisk) into the search tool, and making sure that its settings are default (there is a command at the bottom of the magnifying glass button menu for that).

Once you have that search result, open Compile, and on the right-hand side in the Contents tab, set the compile group at the top to “Search Results”.

You might want to set up a special compile format for this, or do a little work with your section types, as the result may be a bit chaotic as we don’t tend to organise stuff outside of the draft folder.

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thanks, very practical

And front matter. And back matter.