Compiling The Outline

I am trying to compile just the outline! I am liasing with a second party ( PC ) i wish to send them a document where each page is headed by a section, followed by the synopsis and any text if it’s already written.

Each section should be a title followed by the synopsis and then the body of the text. The title at the head of the page and then a page break before the next section ( document in the draft )

This i would like to send in a friendly format to the pc users and then we can talk over the outline looking at the same document. I would then like them to be able to add any comments and info which they can send back to me for further manipulation within scrivener…

Can anyone help me out with the best workflow with this?

I am also keen if possible to learn markdown but am struggling with the complile options after writing.

Also is it possible to send the document out as an opml so i can place it back into ithoughts or mindnode and work on the mindmap again…



You can choose exactly what elements get exported in the “Formatting” pane of Compile - there you can set it so that the title, synopsis and text of each section gets exported by ticking the appropriate boxes. In the “Separators” pane you can set it up so that a page break is inserted between each document.

The best format for sharing with those on PCs is probably RTF, which is supported by all versions of Word along with WordPad and various other rich text editors and word processors on all platforms. Others can add comments in RTF files in Word and these will come back into Scrivener if you re-import the files.

There’s no way to export to OPML, I’m afraid, for the reasons cited in this thread:

Hope that helps.

All the best,