Compiling to doc that can be edited elsewhere

Hi there!

I searched high and low - my apologies if this topic has already been broached (And I am sure it has.)

I have a draft in scrivener ready to email to my publisher. He wants it in .doc or .docx format, but when I compile to word I cannot get it to let me edit the document on any computer other than my own. Is there something I am missing, some trick I am supposed to do that enables sharing and editing across different computers?

Thank you so much!

So the file opens just fine in Word on your computer, but when you send it via some mechanism (let’s say, as an attachment in an e-mail message), and load it another computer you can’t edit it? Is Word displaying any messages about it being in read-only mode since you just downloaded it off of your e-mail account or something of that nature?

Yes, that is exactly the message. It says it doesn’t ‘have permission’ to edit the file. Now that I think about it, I think I remember it forbidding even opening the file in the first place.

It could be either Word or your anti-virus software has the file locked down (Word files can be used to transmit viruses), and it just needs to be approved. In Office 2010, what I get is a yellow bar across the top that asks for my permission to allow editing on the file. Only then can I make changes, but I can read it just fine. Whatever the case, Scrivener itself doesn’t really do anything here for permissions, so there are no settings I can advise you to use from within the software.

And then when I try to save the doc on my own computer, it says: “word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error. (C:…\book.doc)”

Is this a new problem then, because initially I read you to mean that you can work fine on your main computer, it’s just when you copy the .doc file elsewhere that you cannot edit it—and now it sounds like you cannot create files on your main computer? Have you checked permissions in the area you are trying to save files to, using Windows Explorer?

No, I’m sorry, it has always been this way. I found one way around it, which is to copy and paste an entire compiled text (in its original word compile) into a new document in word. This has tricked the software well enogh so far, which is why I forgot that I couldn’t save on my own computer.

Now, however, I am working with a 100000 word draft and it would be a lot easier to fix the saving issues than to try and recopy it into a new document.

Hope that helps, and thank you so much!

Hey, so I guess copy and pasting isn’t all that bad if you don’t have a solution. I’m still curious, however, and would like to be able to share and save original documents.

Have you checked permissions for the folder you are trying to compile to, yet? Or better yet just run a fresh experiment to avoid any potential complications. Double-click on your “My Documents” folder in Explorer, and create a new folder within it. Call it “Scrivener Output”. Right-click on it and select “Properties” from the contextual menu. In the Security tab, click on your name in the top half and make sure that in the bottom half, there are checkmarks beside everything (ignore “Special permissions”). If there are not checkboxes. If that is all okay, click the “OK” button, and then return to Scrivener. Use File/Compile... and when asked where to save the .doc output, make sure to navigate to the “My Documents\Scrivener Output” folder you just created, and choose a name to save it under, there.