Compiling to .doc

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and whether it’s me or a big or whatever, but when I compile to a .doc I have encountered an interesting problem.

I do a little formatting in the final word document before exporting to pdf for various things. One of these adjustments is creating a title line on the first page of the manuscript for competitions (not the cover page), but whenever I press enter, I end up creating a new page. I cannot, for the life of me, work out why. Any help would be appreciated as it is rather cumbersome to delete all the text and paste back in from the project.

I have not had this problem with my full novel manuscripts. Just with short stories.

EDIT: This only happens on text sheets that don’t have a title compiled and now that I have noticed that, checking my novel shows the same problems.

Is this a Word problem, not a Scrivener problem? If so, there might be a stray page-break or section-break and you’re inserting the title right before it. Have you turned on paragraph marks to see what’s there? (Alternatively, you might be inadvertently creating text, or the body text itself, may in a style that has a page break before/after - check the paragraph formatting of both the title and the body text styles.)