Compiling to DOCX frozen


I have a big project (over 200 pages, some pictures) in Scrivener 3 on Mac, saved and synced in my Dropbox. Compiling to PDF is fine, but if I compile to Word (DOCX). Scrivener 3 is frozen over hours.
How can I solve the problem. I need the DOCX Format for my publishing company.

Thanks in advance
gerd Gruhn

1). The quickest way would be compile to RTF and open that in Word and then save as .docx if your publishers won’t accept RTF.
2) Do you have the “enhanced” converter turned on in Preferences. If so, turn it off. Although the dialog still says that it will use the default Apple one, in fact, if you’re running v. 3, it will use one KB wrote himself which is better than the Aspose or Apple converters.
3) Scrivener always compiles to RTF and then converts that to other wp formats, so by doing 1) you are allowing Word to do the conversion itself.