Compiling to docx loses italics

Hello all,
I’m trying to compile out to docx, all I want is to see exactly what I see on my screen, in a Word document.
I currently use a convention where speech is formatted as normal and thoughts are in italic.
Since telepathy is involved, there’s a lot of thoughts happening here.
The problem is, I’ve never successfully managed to get Scrivener 3.01 to compile out to docx and retain the italics as I’ve set them.
I’ve tried using the default styles, I’ve tried creating my own, none of it seems to work and I’m getting a bit tired now.
I know docx is capable if italics, because, well, it is.
What do I need to do to get italics to compile please? This is driving me mad.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

I can think of only one way to make this happen. If the style you created is of the character or paragraph+character type, and you defined it from a selection of Regular text, the style will force things to be Regular in Compile, even if you’ve added italics after applying the style. Go back and make it a paragraph style.

This is one of the reasons Literature & Latte suggests using “no style” for all but a few exceptions.

In the second image you can see which styles are character, paragraph, and both.

Making thoughs a Paragraph Style might be a practical issue, because they’re intermingled with action and dialog in one paragraph regularly.
Making the text italic in the Editor and removing any Styles seems to Compile the text in italics allright.

I didn’t say you should make thoughts a paragraph style.

What you’ve done (I’m pretty sure) is make paragraph styles that are also character styles, and their character style setting is “Regular”, so Compile converts italics to Regular. Change those styles to paragraph styles, so they won’t affect italics, bold, etc.

In the screenshot, “Code block” is a ¶a style, meaning it affects paragraph spacing & alignment AND it affects character formatting. To change it to a ¶ style only, I’d select a code block and redefine the style from that selection but this time check “Save paragraph style” instead of “Save all formatting”.

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I’m trying to say that thoughts are usually not an entire paragraph and changing a Style to Paragraph would render the whole paragraph in italics. That makes thoughts a candidate for a Character Style, not a Paragraph Style.
But actually, my suggestions is to remove Styles for thoughts altogether and make them italic in the Editor.

Yes, using “no style” is a solution. But the problem is that your style is a paragraph+character (¶a) style, but you need it to be a paragraph (¶) style. Changing to “no style” does the same thing in a way, since it eliminates character styling.

You haven’t shown us anything to explain the style you’re using — a screenshot of the styles pane would help — but I can’t think of another way for Compile to change your italics (in the Editor) to regular (in the export).

Yes, thoughts can be a character style set to italics, but it can’t be a paragraph+character (¶a) style, or it would — as you say — convert the entire paragraph to italics.

That’s actually solved it for me.
Thoughts aren’t necessarily an entire paragraph, but their formatting is derived from the style I’ve defined as my normal, if that makes sense.
All I wanted was to be able to hit CTRL-I and type in italics, then repeat it to toggle off.
Setting 'Save Paragraph Style has allowed that to happen, so, many thanks indeed.

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Thanks everyone: this helped me too. By changing the styles I had defined to paragraph styles, no paragraph+character I was able to get what I wanted. (Now, if only I could define the Word template I wanted Scrivener to use when it compiled, including my preferred language, I would be completely happy…)