Compiling to DOCX/RTF with linked images


My goal is to go from Scrivener to InDesign or Affinity Publisher preserving links to images. I don’t want the images to become embedded, since I need them still separated, to be updated separately from the page layout document.

The ideal workflow seems to be Pandoc → ICML, with assembling of an IDML document in the way I described elsewhere here in the forum. The Pandoc ICML writer is still a work in progress, but in theory should do it.

But I wonder if there is some way to adopt a Compile to DOCX or RTF workflow. As far as I know and can see in my tests, compiling to one of these formats embeds the images. Microsoft is not letting me access my Word license now, but I can see from Apple Pages and LibreOffice that there is no link to a file path in the compiled documents.

But maybe there is a way to do it? This would make these file format ideal for exporting to a page layout program.


After v3.3.3 (Mac), I have to ask this question again. I see in the release notes that images are always embedded in a Word document compiled from Scrivener.

Does this mean that links to the original image files is lost? This would prevent using the DOCX file format as an exchange format for going from Scrivener to InDesign/Affinity Publisher.