Compiling to ebook - all text is red in kindle store


I was watching a video on youtube that said when they compiled the scrivener content to an ebook and sold the book on amazon as a kindle ebook, the text that shows up in the “look inside” feature of the book’s page was all in red color. Is this bug fixed?

link to youtube video:


There have been other problems as well with the Look-inside feature. It’s a question you should put to Amazon as it it they who handle the Look-inside software, not L&L.

Ok. Thanks for the info.

According to the video you posted the problem was fixed before the video complaining about it was published. That is according to the video you posted to ask about the problem.

However, the videos main issue was that a $250 ebook formatting program, formats better than a $50 writing program. Many people find that to get the professional look exactly as they want it, they do their writing, planning and research using Scrivener, then export and format more perfectly in another program.

It is quite possible that Scrivener will not format the output of your articles, books, brochures whatever as well as you want them and you might need to format them in another program. It is really a writing tool, not an output tool though it does output well enough for many needs.

As to this specific problem, it appears to be a result of Amazon’s Look Inside feature taking a very narrow approach to stylesheets and only using the first such file it comes across to format the entire preview—technically in violation of their own specifications and thus best considered a bug on their end. Unfortunately Scrivener uses multiple stylesheet files, one for each major section of the book, and this can cause incorrect formatting to appear throughout, after the first page or so.

We’ll be adjusting things on our end to make that better in the future, normalising style assignments and putting them all into one file instead of multiple files. Again, it’s a perfectly valid way of working—indeed once on the Kindle itself Amazon manages to read them just fine, it’s just their previewer. We made the change in fact purely to make modifying the files easier after they have been compiled—so if you want to change chapter headings to do things Scrivener cannot do, you would only need to make the style changes in one place rather than 25 (or however many chapters there are). It just so happened that improvement also aligns with how Look Inside works. :slight_smile: