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I’m trying to compile a very simple book to . I’m just using the default settings but I just get a warning flag “Kindle document creation failed. KindleGen failed to generate a .mobi file at the expected location.” The instructional video uses a compile to pdf as its sample which works for me but not the .mobi. Anyone else had this problem?

Compile to ePub. Amazon isn’t supporting mobi anymore, anyway. If need be, you can use Calibre to convert ePub to mobi.

Thanks. I’ll have a go.

Just be aware that when you convert epub>mobi in Calibre, it removes hyperlinks from images. (In case you’re wanting to create a mobie for direct download.)

I only needed a mobi because I’m making the ebook for Amazon. If they now don’t support mobi then I’ll create an ePub. My real issue is learning how to use scrivener to do this. My client wants the ebook to follow a specific style/font etc and I’m not sure if that’s possible in Scrvnr. Need to learn more …
By the way, I downloaded but having difficulty starting it. I get “!Failed to contact running instance of calibre”

Okay, no need for mobi then.
But you should tell your client that the reader has control over fonts in their ebook, so unless you make every page an image of the text (which will make the file insanely huge), they’ll need to temper their expectations concerning style.

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Furthermore, Scrivener doesn’t support embedding fonts in ePub for copyright reasons. If your client insists on you embedding specific fonts through Calibre, if it is not absolutely clear that the font licence allows such use, they will be laying themselves open to copyright infringement claims.


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As Mark said, Scrivener will not embed fonts.

Generally speaking, it is very difficult to force an ebook reader to use specific style settings. The reader software allows the user to choose their preferred font and font size. Moreover, ebook users expect to be able to do that, so it would be advisable for your client to think carefully about what they hope to accomplish.

Technical books and other materials that require complex formatting tend to use PDF rather than ePub format for electronic distribution.

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