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I’m not sure I know how to load css files and commands that I produced…into scrivener so that I can concentrate on content. I’ve pasted a “template” that I’ve been using in the mac app Texts where their method is that what’s in the Texts body goes where $body$ is upon export. Perfectly sensible. Works like a champ. But:

Next question…why I’m moving from Texts is that they cannot yet escape raw HTML lines so that they are executed upon compilation. They can escape LaTeX, but not HTML. I presume Scrivener can do this?

What would be great is anyone who’s done these two things and has an example project…I could easily make my adjustments and I’d save an enormous amount of time. Hadn’t planned to be searching for a new application with spring semester looming.

edited: I believe I’ve figured out how to add header, css, etc info in a separate document at the beginning called metadata. Any scripting etc at the end I have to put in a separate document as the last file.

But I’m still finding it difficult to reliably and predictably pass raw HTML through to the HTML filtered compilation and would appreciate some advice. I prefer to write in mmd. I also write mathematics and have figured out that the filter swallows a \ in (E=mc^2) so I must pass \(E=mc^2 \). My header includes mathjax invocation.

I shy away from Scrivener because…so many knobs! That’s great, but also very confusing.


Here’s the file that I mentioned.

.w3-sidenav a,.w3-sidenav h4 {padding: 12px;} .w3-navbar li a { padding-top: 12px; padding-bottom: 12px; } close ×

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