Compiling to Kindle Mobi File Still Eludes Me

I am at my wits end. I’ve uninstalled kindlegen and reinstalled it. I’ve moved it to Applications, but whenever I tell Scrivener where to find it, the file leads to “docs” and more files that won’t capture as a viable location for the kindlegen file. Does that make sense? I first installed kindlegen last year and never had a problem with it. HELP!!! Please! begging on hands and knees :cry:

It sort of makes sense, given that there is a “docs” subfolder in the zip file that Amazon distributes, however that zip file should also have a kindlegen program that you can select from within Scrivener, so if you aren’t seeing that, I’d trash the KindleGen folder you have and extract another copy of it from the original zip.

Or maybe another way of reading what you wrote: you aren’t selecting a location, you are selecting a utility. Scrivener needs to know where the kindlegen utility is on your computer, so you need pick it directly, not just whatever folder it is in.

You may have already seen this post, but if not, check it out. I had what may have been a similar problem and was able to fix it:


Thank you AmberV and tbrown313. Your advice totally helped. I was not picking the program but the file as a whole. Now it works. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the feedback. Makes me feel like I’m not alone knowing that there are more tech savvy people willing to pull someone like me up from the mire. :unamused: