Compiling to kindle - something is overriding my editor and forcing justify

Any ideas what this might be? I need the main body’s text to be forced to “align left” - not justify. The editor has is right.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

With Kindle and ePub, it is the reader who decides whether they want it justified or not, not the author! Same thing for font, size, etc.


The issue is, I notice other books aren’t doing the justify thing, just mine, and ONLY when I read it on Windows… when I read it on Kindle for Mac, it doesn’t have the justify problem. Odd right?

So this tells me there must be something that’s cause it. Maybe in the kindle settings for compiling on Scrivener?

Just noticed on other titles, what it does is if the word is going to be too long on that line, it cuts it in half like this:

Any way to make this do this in the formatting/compiling to kindle ebook?

If you’re seeing justification in some versions of the Kindle app and not in others, then it’s a Kindle setting. Same thing for hyphenation.


I don’t think that’s right. Here is why.

For instance, on my e-reader, my book shows justify without hyphenating the word, and inserts the weird extra spaces between words to make the justify even. However, if I open another book I purchased, it doesn’t do this and has the words with hyphenations.

I am convinced this is something to do with it’s compiling.

I’m sorry, but there are no settings in the Compile command that would affect this. – Katherine

So what might be causing it?

One thing to test is to compile to another format, like PDF, with the same settings.

As I said, though, if the file is justified on some Kindle devices but not others, the first place to look is the options on the Kindle device.