Compiling to LibreOffice

When I compile to MMD Flat XML (.fodt) into LibreOffice certain markdowns don’t work; #'s - they sometimes turn into italics; > will indent on the fist layer but not the second, amongst other things.

These do work when I copy them into MultiMarkdown so I’m assuming it’s something I’m not doing correctly in LibreOffice.

Thanks in advance for any help…


I think it is just the stylesheet. The FODT output applies a rather vanilla stylesheet to the output, and some of the headings are italicised at deeper levels.You’d only need to adjust the style definition for those levels.

I do know that quotations are just that, quotations. It doesn’t handle quotations within quotations. You might wish to report that on the MMD Github page as it does seem to me that at least one level of nested blockquote could be handy, and if you’re going to have two, why not more?