Compiling to Mobi/Kindle

Okay I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the compiled Mobi file onto my Kindle. I email it like I have with every other mobi file (never made one with this program before) and it NEVER shows up. I make a PDF, looks great, email it to my Kindle, NEVER shows up… Send it to someone else with a Kindle to see if it’s just my Kindle… NOPE… they can’t get the file to be delivered to their Kindle either. Can’t get the PDF to convert to Kindle. Nothing. Epub won’t open in Nook either… I’ve spent HOURS trying to figure this out and no one has the answers or even suggestions on how to fix it. Hopefully someone here can help point me in the right direction.

Do you get any errors when trying to open it using Kindle Previewer? Incidentally an easier way to copy books to the Kindle is to just plug it into the computer. It will come up like a disk that you can drag books into.

I have the same problem. I drag the .mobi or .epub file to the correct folder and it just doesn’t ever appear on the Kindle. It will create a folder in the Kindle driectory, but no file is available to read. I even tried email it to the Kindle, and a day late got a message from Amazon saying the file was corrupt.

It DOES work with Kindle Previewer on the PC I created the file on.

But if I just compile it as a plain .txt file, it DOES work. It’s just a barely-formatted .txt file. But actual ebook formats just can’t be read (it’s a Gen1 Kindle Paperwhite, FWIW).

Not totally relevant (as it does not account for an eventual bug) but you may use Calibre (free and open source) to manage your Kindle library and transfer to the reader (USB cable is to be used). If there is a problem in the MOBI file Calibre will probably tell you.

All right, I am testing with a Paperwhite (gen 1) as well, and a simple test of compiling a .mobi file and dropping it into the Documents folder on the Kindle works. The book will appear in the library list and I can open and read it—and this was even a .mobi with warnings as I didn’t specify a cover.

For my test, I used the basic novel project template, copied the help document from that into the “scene” file and then duplicated the “chapter” folder so that I had two of them, then dropped the default Microsoft “Desert” picture into the Binder. For compilation, I selected Desert as the cover, set the type to Mobi and then dropped that into the Kindle.

I wonder if you could both try this same test, using the same setup I described above, and see if that works. That will help determine if it is something specific to the project or its settings.

Check to make sure KindleGen is up to date.

Thanks. As expected, it was a formatting error; I had Text checked both for Level 1+ and Level 1. Removing one of those created a .mobi file that worked the first time. Still, oddly, the responses helped me finally figure it out and removed a huge amount of frustration. Now I just need to sit down and read through this draft…