Compiling to .mobi –> Scrivener uses wrong cover

Hallo, I write from germany, hope, you will understand my problem.
When compiling into a .mobi-file Scrivener chooses the wrong cover (a .jpg-file)! I can see this in Kindle‘s »Library«, the place, where all the books are shown.
What I did:
• I deleted the wrong cover. The wrong cover ist nowhere, either in the binder nor in any other Scrivener document/folder.
• I deleted the »wrong« manuscript with the wrong cover in Kindle’s library. I closed Kindle
• I loaded the correct cover
• I closed Scrivener, I opened Scrivener, I compiled – with the result: wrong cover!

What did I wrong? What can I do? Maybe it is a bug on Kindle’s site …?

Thank you for your help!

Try creating a new version of the .mobi file with a different name. The Kindle software caches information, which means changes like this aren’t always incorporated.


Hi, Katherine!
Wonderful! Your hint solved the problem!

Thank you very much!

PS: Is there any possibility to delete the Kindle »cache«?