Compiling to MS Word breaks formating

When I compile to PDF, all if fine and dandy. But when I compile to MS Word, it breaks my bibliography, as well as my opening pages. Any suggestions?


How does it break them?

What if you compile to RTF and open the result in Word?

Have you tried the compatibility setting/option in the compile format ?

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I’ll give that a try, thanks!
My issue is that when I compile from Scrivener to PDF format, I’m not super thrilled about how it breaks up the text between pages sometimes, so I was hoping to compile to Word and then adjust quickly from there before outputting as a PDF to upload to Amazon KDP.

Does that seem like a reasonable method?


Is RFT superior to .Docx?

There is a feature in Scrivener for Mac called “Widows and orphans” (or is it “Orphans and Widows” ?) that should handle that.
Basically it is a function to prevent a single line or two of a paragraph to fall by itself/themselves on a page.
I can’t tell you where it is though, I am under Windows and we don’t have that.

Otherwise there is “keep with next” that does something a bit of the likes. (That should be in the Format / Paragraph menu.)
It tries and prevents paragraphs from being separated across pages.

Most probably worth having a look.

Maybe there is something even more straight forward as in “don’t split paragraphs” somewhere…

@kewms knows all of this.

RTF is Scrivener’s native format. Using it is a test to see if the issue lies in the Compile settings, or in the format conversion to Word.


I’m actually already using that, but I am using section headings with sometimes fall in weird spots.

I would think keep with next would fix that.

Which of the two I mentioned are you already using ?

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I am using “prevent orphans and widows”

I don’t know what results you got so far, but I’d say you likely want to turn on keep with next for the Heading.
Not for the paragraph before it.
(That is not something you want to use all over the place anyways. – That would only void it in most cases.)

And I think the space before/after of your heading might play a part. It might influence whether a split occurs or not.
(I haven’t played enough with it (keep with next) to know for sure.)

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DUDE! Information I wish I had 3 years ago lol. Such a huge time savor! I’m in the process of releasing revision 1 of my book, and if I had this back when I initially published (and now even), I would have saved HOURS!

Thank you!

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BTW : keep with next saves within the style.
You don’t have to tweak all your headings. Only your heading style.
(Unless you only want it for a few, that is.)

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Yep! That’s exactly what I did! Thanks!

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