Compiling to MS Word formatting prolems

I’m using Scriv. 3 and MS Word for Mac (365 version up to date). My Mac OS is Ventura 13. 6. 7 also up to date.
For my novel, I have Parts, Chapters, Scenes. I’m formatting to Word doc.x using Times New Roman (requested by editors) so Manuscript is automataically chosen by the Compiler. But the scenes are formatted in different sizes of fonts. Also, I cannot figure out how to add page numbers when compiling in this way. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Why not just “tweak” the DOCX file created by Scrivener? While surely it’s possible to track down the compiler setup that causes this font problem, certainly I think it will be quicker for you to just do it in Word? Same for adding page numbers (big button on Toolbar in Word).

I like to keep things simple and focused on the important things, like getting the manuscript to the editors as they require.

Do it on this screen…

The <$p> is a placeholder for sequential page numbers.


Likely, scenes are formatted using different Section Layouts. To reuse the Compile Format and Compile again by clicking only two buttons, update the Section Layouts to use TNR in the correct font size.

Check if the scenes has a Section type of Scene by right clicking the scenes and choosing the scene Section Type.
Double click the Compile Format you’re using in the left column of the Compile Overview window to open the Compile Format Designer.
In the Section Layouts Pane, select the Section Layout scenes are using and upfate the formatting editor to the way you want scenes to look.
Check the Separators pane for empty lines between scenes, you can also add custom symbols between scenes if that’s required.
Save the Compile Format and close to compile format designer.
Click the Assign button at the bottom of the middle column to check if the right Section Layout is assigned to the Scene Section Type.

Hope this helps

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