Compiling to MS Word: possible to add fields to footers?

I’m learning about all the potential of compiling in Scrivener 3. One thing I’m interested in doing is including code in the template that will convert to a field in the Word document’s footer. The document name, in particular, is what I want to include.

Are the page numbers added to footers included by default generated in Scrivener on the way out, or by Word once the content gets there? Is there a way to format fields in the compile template to achieve this end with other content?


During the compile process, users can use placeholders (in headers and footers or elsewhere) that will add document info, such as section name, project title, page count, etc.

Most of these placeholders/fields become static when compiled to Word. For example, if you use a placeholder for the project’s name, the name will be there in the header/footer when you compile to Word, but it won’t update if you then change the name of the Word file itself. Page numbers, on the other hand, should update if the Word file is edited.

If you click on Scrivener’s help menu, you’ll see an option to view all placeholders. The manual also has more information about how to use placeholders.