Compiling to PDF - Freeze & Damaged File

When attempting to compile the book to PDF format with a Cover for front matter, the file goes through Preparing Files, Compiling Files, and then Printing Files but freezes at 93% each and every time.

A PDF file shows up in the assigned file location, but attempting to open it gives me a message that it’s already open in another location.

When I close Scrivener and try once again to open the PDF, I receive a damaged file error.

Admittedly, I hadn’t tried to compile a PDF with the book cover image in the previous Scrivener release, but since it was an option, I figured it was do-able. Apparently not.

Hi jglover,

Could you walk me through the steps you used to compile the cover? Is your front matter set to the default folder, a different, folder, or a file?

Any steps would be appreciated. Thanks

I also have problems compiling to PDF. I don’t have a cover.

To be the most precise possible : I use a French version of Scrivener. I compile a file (in French “dossier”) of an extended project. I compile it to the desktop. I have no problems opening that PDF file. But some of its documents are replaced by what seems like random lists of characters.