Compiling to PDF, Scrivener chops the last line of every page of my script in half

When I compile my script to PDF, the last line of every page gets cut in two across the pages. I’m using “Format As”: Screenplay, but it does the same thing if set to “Custom”. (I don’t know what “Custom” does, but that’s what Format was originally set to.)

I have the margins set to 1", font to Courier Prime 12pt.

Also, the line spacing is wrong. The lines are too close together, so my script is pages shorter than i t ought to be. This is a disaster for me; I’m getting near the end of a first draft and suddenly discovered, on exporting it, that I need to cut 3 pages!

A third bug is that Scrivener does the indents wrong. Exported to Word with the same indents, the dialogue lines are significantly longer in Word… Also, centered paragraphs are exported as uncentered: in Word; they’re too far to the right.

I’m just using Scrivener’s Screenplay template, I shouldn’t be having any unusual problems. I began using Courier Prime and switched to Courier Screenplay, but that didn’t solve any of the problems.