Compiling to show all sections

I am working on a film project in Scrivener and am am trying to compile an outline so that the information on my flashcards (i.e. title/slug and the short synopsis) appear and then the text (prose description of the scene) is displayed below it.

I would like:

Brief synopsis (flash card front matter)
Text of Scene


I have tried the title/synopsis which gives me just what it describes and would be perfect if I could get the body of the text of that scene to display below. I have not yet found a way to compile in that fashion. Is there an easy fix or am I hoping in vain?

Thanks in advance for any help

In the contents section, for the type of documents you are trying to get out of this, are you checking the “text” checkbox? Can you include a screenshot of a section of your binder with the files you want to have title/synopsis/text compiled for selected, and then a screenshot of the Contents section of the compile window?

Hi Robert

Thanks for replying. I am not sure that I had the right sections for the screenshots. I did not see a “text” option to click.

Here are two screenshots. One is of the compile window, the other is of the side tray. As you can see in the side tray, only the first card has text in it.

Do these help? Do you need other shots?