Compiling to Word and keeping comments?

I have looked in the forum and in the manual and I can’t see how to compile to Word and keep my comments. I have unclicked the “remove comments” box before I compiled it, but still I don’t see any comments appearing in my new .docx document. Am I missing something?

The ability to keep comments – mine in Scrivener and my supervisor’s going from Word back into Scrivener – is a definite need. Any suggestions?

This just “works” as far as I can see for the default docx compile, ensure “Remove Comments” is disabled and ensure comment export goes to margin in your compile format:

If you use Pandoc > DOCX compile option then you should ensure your compile format uses the following markup to convert comments into margin notes:

<span class="comment-start" id="<$n>" author="<$author>" date="<$date>"><$cmt></span><$lnk><span class="comment-end" id="<$n>"></span>

Screenshot 2020-08-28 at 09.05.54_SMALL.png

Importing these back into Scrivener and the comments are preserved, so as far as I can tell both export and import seem to be working as expected? The Pandoc method has the advantage that the author name is both exported and imported.

Thanks. I’m not sure why it didn’t work yesterday, but I came back today not having changed anything except to re-compile it, and it worked fine. Go figure.