Compiling to Word and using Styles?

Still trying to get a PowerPoint and workbook out of Scribner without having to do double work. So far I’ve figured out that i can put a title and synopsis in the index cards and then just compile those into Word.

From Word I can copy/paste into PowerPoint’s outline view to make slides. However in order for that to work correctly the Word document has to be formatting with heading styles. Heading 1 will end up as the title of a slide and body text (or normal style) will be the body of the slide. I have not figured out if Scrivener can compile and apply styles into Word. Is there a way to do that? Sure would be easier than going through and formatting the Word doc before importing to PowerPoint. As long as that takes, I may as well retype everything into PowerPoint.

Styles are not available in Scrivener (as yet):


With a little bit of work, you can fake styles for exporting to Word.

The key point is to make sure that every heading level in Scrivener has a distinct format of its own (i.e Level 1 = Arial Bold 20pt. The actual format doesn’t matter as long as they’re all different). It’s also very important you don’t use the same formatting in the body of the documents themselves. The best place to do this is in the Compilation dialogue box immediately before compiling the document.

Then when you’re in Word, use the Find and Replace dialogue. Leave the search box empty, but set the Formatting option to find each distinct Scrivener format (e.g. Arial Bold 20pt) and replace it with the appropriate Word Style. You’ll have to do this for every heading level, of course.

It you’re going to do this often enough to make it worthwhile, it should be possible to automate the Word end with Visual Basic.


Thanks, Brookter. That’s basically what I did. Bit of a pain, but still easier than starting from scratch. looking forward to styles being implemented! Especially since Word is so dependent on them.

This is a big advantage of using Multimarkdown in Scrivener – I get full heading styles and also quotes figure legends etc. when exporting (in my case to LibreOffice, but suppose MMD->Word is the same). Does the Windows version of Scrivener support MMD like the Mac does?