Compiling to Word/RTF/PDF issues

I’m running Windows 10 and I’m having all sorts of issues with the compiler. I’ve gone into the Export settings and have tried different combinations, but the following keeps happening:

Word (both DOC and DOCX) produces blank documents OR the compiler hangs (depending on the setting)
RTF produces blank documents OR the compiler hangs (depending on the setting)
PDF just hangs.
When I abort the compiler (when it hangs), the error message is “Scrivener could not compile to required format - unknown error”.

Hoping that someone can help me with this issue, because it’s super frustrating!

PS - Export to .MOBI or EPUB is fine.

You may have already tried this as part of “have tried different combinations”…

In Tools > Options > Import/Export > Export Converters,
select desired To File Format (ex: DOC),
then try the different options available in the “via:” dropdown list.

On my system, for DOC, the list includes Doc2Any, Microsoft Office (2007-2013), RTF-based.

The Office entry presumably appears if some version of Microsoft Office is present. I’m not clear as to whether the Office option is offered or works with Office 365. I’ve seen opinions both ways regarding that.

Hope that is of some assistance.

Many thanks for your response. I have tried this but to no avail. I might just uninstall the program and reinstall it and see if that works!

The antivirus you are using might be an issue. It may be necessary to temorarily disable it for the reinstall or to exempt Scrivener once installed. A search of these forums (search field in upper right corner) on “antivirus” will turn up threads in which issues with a few antivirus products have been discussed and confirmed.

Scrivener was doing a lot of freezing in January, and (after doing a Google search) found it was my anti-virus. I tweaked it (added exceptions from memory) and it’s worked fine every since, so I don’t think it’s that. Thanks anyway!