Compiling TOC for Kindle


Can someone explain this to me like I’m 5 please. I can’t seem to generate a working Kindle TOC in a compiled mobi file when using ScrivWin, although I can when using the exact same procedure when using ScrivMac.

  • Put documents I want to compile to mobi in a collection.
  • Create Front Matter Folder
  • Create TOC sub document in Front Matter folder
  • Select documents I want in TOC in binder
  • Use Copy Special Documents as TOC command
  • Paste in TOC sub document.
  • Compile Mobi.

I am using the same project so file and folder structure is the same in ScrivMac and ScrivWin.

When compiling mobi using ScrivWin TOC has text of items but no working links.

How do I get a TOC in ScrivWin that has working links for mobi compile please?


That has a good and simple ELI5 explanation: the custom ToC file technique has not been implemented in the Windows version. You would currently just let it build a prefab ToC and then edit it later in Sigil or Calibre.

Thanks for the reply Ioa. Have a good weekend.