Compiling: Turn folder into right-facing section

My book is in 7 sections. Each section is a successive calendar day: Monday, Tuesday, etc.

How do I compile so that each section starts on a right-facing page, and has just the “Monday”, “Tuesday” etc. centered vertically and horizontally?

P.S. Mysteriously posted this in Scapple forum by mistake first. Boy, am I smurt

From my understanding, you cannot do this with Scrivener. That is, you’ll need to compile to a Word or OpenOffice document, and then do it there.

We do have some basic tools for some of this in the compiler (macOS and iOS only, currently). When you edit a custom appearance on iOS, there is a “Help” icon at the top, tap that to access full reference for the various style commands you can use. Within that file, you’ll find:

[code]# Title formatting can contain “New Page Options” that determine how the first page of the section containing the title will appear, as follows:

Folder Title Format

Font Size: 12pt

New Page Options

- Start Recto # Start on a recto page.

- No First Page Header # No header on the page containing the title after a page break.

- No First Page Footer # No footer on the page containing the title after a page break.

Note that these options currently only work with PDF and Word formats, and how well they work will depend on the word processor in which you open the document. Moreover, these options will only work as expected if the titles to which they are assigned immediately follow a page break, so they should be used in conjunction with the page break separator options.


Search that file for “page padding” to see about vertical adjustment. There is no such thing as “in the middle”, you’re going to have to play with the amount of padding depending upon your paper and font sizes.