Compiling vanilla MMD, can't get rid of title?

I though I’d try the MultiMarkdown compile mode for my little book, since it has “Processing” and after all my output is markdown.

The compile is putting Title and Author at the top of the document. I have only the as-is layout at present, with all my section types set to as-is. I have unchecked Title in all the section layouts. (none of which are used anyway.) I have DELETED all the section layouts. Still it comes out.

I can CHANGE the title and author in the metadata column of Compile. Still it comes out.

How do I make it just not put that stuff in there? Thanks!

For extra credit, how might I have found this out without asking? Thanks again!

Are you sure you removed the title and author entries in metadata:

You can use the Preview button to check what Scrivener thinks your metadata should be and where it comes from.

I remove all metadata in the compiler, and use a front-matter document where I can edit all metadata as a binder item (Pandoc uses richer metadata than Scriveners UI can handle), but you may want to use the compiler metadata if you only need a few items.

Ah, that did it. The ± below the window below the metadata panel didn’t slap me hard enough in the face, I guess.

Thanks. I’ve searched the manual for Title and didn’t find that, but the word appears often so I may have missed it.

Thanks again!

“Title” is indeed a bit of an overloaded term in Scrivener, and hence in the documentation. Although the word is used specifically in the sections pertaining to these features, good luck finding it by name when “title” is used to describe what is used to identify binder items by name! :slight_smile:

I’ll have to think about how to draw attention to that in a broad sense—it’s one of those areas that is perhaps easier to locate for those familiar with MultiMarkdown and Pandoc document preparation. With that background, glancing down the ToC in the Markdown chapter should draw you straight to “MMD & Pandoc Metadata”, where you would learn how to disable all outputs (and one used to MMD jargon might also arrive to a solution by searching for “snippet mode”).