Compiling with and without images

I’m doing a screenplay and have a storyboard image for each scene.

What I’d really like is a way to embed these images in the text, and an option to compile the output to Word or PDF either with them (for general readers) or without them (so I can have the one-page-per-minute standard format.)

Any suggestions on the best way to do this?

I was delighted to discover that a document’s notes can contain images, so I thought I might put them in there and then I can choose whether to include the notes or not, but it gives very little control (the images come out at an enormous size, I can’t get rid of the ‘Notes’ and ‘Text’ headings, etc)

This may not be possible, but I’d like to use Scrivener if I can. Do I need to go through Markdown & Latex?

Many thanks!

Could you not have them as a separate document and select/deselect them in compile as needed? If you want to automate the selection (if, for example, there are many) you could use a specific label and filter at compile.

Ah - thanks - that’s a pretty good workaround.

There are quite a few images - slightly more than I have scenes - so my Draft folder will be rather clogged with one-image documents, but I think it’s the best idea so far.

Much obliged!

Glad it works for you. :slight_smile:

To avoid the clogged appearance, you could always indent them. i.e., in the binder, make them children of text document(s) they belong to. Then, to avoid seeing too much clutter, just collapse the binder.

I break up my text into very small sections, sometimes by paragraph, and frequently collapse sections of the binder to reduce on-screen clutter.

Another advantage to indenting is that you can exclude documents at that level in your compile settings instead of de-selecting each document from the list of everything in your Draft/Script folder. The added convenience here is that you can save each compile setting, and then you can select each as you need them. They’ll even be available for use in other projects.