Compiling with Footnotes

I’m not sure if these are problems or if it just isn’t working yet.

Question 1) I have created footnotes (not inline) in the text. It seems it is possible to see the numbering in the inspector in Mac, but in this beta I could not find it. I assume it’s not there yet?

Question 2) When I do the compile to pdf, no footnote numbering appears in the text, nor could I find any sort of footnote at the end of a page, section or even document. I made sure the remove footnote was unticked and even chose the type of numbering for the footnote - but nothing appears.

Thanks for any support,

I’ve been workign on the compile to see if I could find out what was going on, and:

  1. while creating a new project format to tinker with, Scrivener crashed every 2 or 3 minutes, then a break, then more crashing
  2. the footnotes appear just fine (kind of horrible formatting but…) when compiling to word (docx), but still nowehere to be seen when compiling to pdf.

Conclusion: I’ll use word as workaround to get the pdf

But I also noticed further problems when compiling to pdf:
A) compiling titles does not work when the titles are inserted as run-in head (they appear in the previous line)
B) compiling titles as anything other than Uppercase results in a ridiculous tiny font size

Have same problem, also with epub and mobi - footnotes are nowhere to be found, places where they should be in the text are marked with asterisk. Compiling to .docx results in a horribly formatted document, the asterisks are there together with footnotes as they should be. The MS Word document needs further editing to be usable.

I looked around “compile” settings, but found nothing that could help. Also, the compile styles etc. UI is horribly unclear, user hostile I’d even say - I hope this will change when the 3.0 is finally released.

This is a very important piece of functionality missing - if you can’t export a usable book then Scrivener is uselsss as a tool.

Hi guys, thank you for the reports. I am afraid the compiler is a work in progress still. Although we have covered most of the basic functionality, a lot of fine tunings and adjustments for the different options is needed. Thank you for reporting this and please bear with us until we polish it.