Compiling with internal links and active chapter TOC

Hello, I am new to using Scrivener, started a couple of months ago. I have done a fair bit of research and think what I’m trying to do is simply not possible on Scrivener but would like to check with everyone on here and also find out the best way forward.

I am writing a travel guide for a small island and the book is split into 10 chapters. I can create the regular front of the book TOC no problem when I compile it. However each chapter is a section of the island and I would like the beginning of the chapter to have TOC for that part of the island so readers can easily jump to the information they need.

I understand Scrivener links are only internal and they don’t compile. I have tried to export it to a word document to include the links and then into Calibre but the scrivener links and the TOC links created by copying documents to TOC do not transfer.

Is there a way to have the links transfer out of Scrivener?

If not then can anyone recommend a formatting software where I can do this? I want to use scrivener to compile the document first.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great. I have looked at the manual but can’t find information that covers compiling links to use with ebooks. And I also have the Scrivener for Dummies book which I’ve found helpful to gain a better understanding of the program but not for this specific issue.