Compiling Worldbuilding

Is there a more elegant solution to compiling my world building documents other switching out my story folder out of draft folder with my worldbuilding folder?

Exporting files exports each files singularly, whereas I want to create a single world building document.

Collections remove hierarchy.

I would love a way to compile documents in my binder that are not in my draft/compile folder. Switching folders in and out of draft folder can be a faff if you are moving a lot of files and folders. It could be because of dexterity but a wish there was a simpler way to do this.

Why move either out of your draft folder at all? If you have a folder under Drafts for worldbuilding, and one for the actual text, you can (at compile time) exclude one folder or the other.

Would this mess up my project targets and word count though? Also does excluding a folder also exclude sub folders and documents in folder? Never used exclusions so I don’t know.

I don’t know about counts and targets.

As far as I know you can be granular in Compile when you include/exclude folders.