Can someone please help.
My book is done and the compile has been perfect for the Mobi format. However between the cover picture and the first chapter I have a page called ‘Contents’, which I understand is the automatically generated table of contents. Now the first chapter of the book is called “hospital” and on this contents page is just the one word “hospital” underlined with blue link line with nothing else on the page.
My question then is;
How can I get all my chapters to show up on this page
Or how can I just get rid of it completely if thats not possible.

Normally I am pretty good at tinkering with the program and working things out for myself and I know it’s something to do with compile settings, but am completely stumped on this one. Thank you.

The TOC uses the section breaks to determine what items are listed, so you’ll handle this by selecting “Page Break” between the proper file types in the Separators tab of File > Compile. Which you want depends on the structure of your book. If each chapter is a single document, then you’ll want to change the Text/Text separator; if you have chapters as folders with multiple scenes as subdocuments, you’ll want the Text/Folder separator. Comparing the icons here with your binder structure should help you see what you need.