Complaining about Scrivener’s “slow” progress is a reflection of ignorance, not knowledge.

For those who haven’t a clue about programming an application as complicated as Scrivener.:

I have used Cakewalk audio recording software since 99.

Sonar, the was released in 2000. Until about 4 years ago program updates were yearly, and sporadic. 4 years ago the new model was near-monthly updates that included new features and bug fixes.

The September 2019 update includes: 5 optimizations, 12 behavior changes, 17 features and enhancements, two hotfixes which include 21 changes, and 86 bug fixes.

All this in ONE update for a program that has been in constant development since ‘86.

Antagonistic post but I’ll bite.

Cakewalk has gone through at least 3 owners and that is bound to impact its development processes

Then why does the Mac version release so much faster with only one dev (Windows supposedly has two)? By now the Windows version shouldn’t be in a translation phase (from mac to windows) and should simply be in a parity phase (figuring out how to add mac version’s features in Windows). A couple months behind? Heck Six? Sure. An entire version skipped and now, what, two years behind? Hmm.

Second question - since this is obviously such a huge issue for the Windows team, why doesn’t LL address it? Hire more windows developers or more competent windows developers even if it means a price hike?

Honestly, the only (only) reason they can do this is that they lack competition. If another program offered the same feature set but more realistic support for Windows I’m pretty sure LL would drop Windows support altogether and give up. That they continue to do so despite the many (many) setbacks and delays is probably not altruistic in the slightest, but who knows, maybe corporations do have a blood-pumping heart.

To come out and say complaining about your quote-surrounded view of their “slow” development, suggesting you don’t lend the perspective much credit, is born from our ignorance is almost laughable. I could point to dozens, hundreds of other programs that offer parity between versions or do so in reasonable times. Many companies hold it as a pride to release globally or on multiple platforms at the same time so that no one gets left behind, pending some exceptions that get the same amount of flack LL does (like is often the case with lack of parity between ios and android apps).

I really don’t understand why you guys feel the desperate zealous need to worship LL/Scrivener as if it were your mother or god. It’s a product. I love it too and I use it even now, but you’re more than free to criticize event he things you love and the borderline ridiculous gaps between the mac and windows version, especially considering that windows has more devs, is something VERY worthy of criticism imo.

But hey, what do I know. I’ll just sit here and drown in your emotional, boring, thoughtless generalization.

True. And it is still one of the most advanced. And continuing.

My point: it is complicated software that is still being fixed, even with nearly monthly updates after about 5 years in this configuration.

The first few updates to the Mac scriv 3 are similar in scope.

Review the Mac scriv 3 history of updates. Even though, as we have been told, that the Mac is “easier” to develop software like scriv, the updates are still addressing “bugs.” the first update was huge.

And, as it has been explain, windows does not have many of the common libraries that the mac does. So, the scriv dudes have to also code the libraries. Takes longer. But, the program will be way more robust with such a solid base.