Complete Bug List?

I came across an interesting bug, but I’ve been away from the old site for a while and I don’t know where to look to see if it has been posted and/or talked about before. Is there a complete bug list?

If this has been mentioned before on the old boards, I’m sorry to bring it up again.
With a group selected I switch to Binder mode, then the shadows below the “notecard” and “info” window get darker and darker until they are solid, think black lines surrounding the windows.

It is a known bug. The work around is to resize the editor window, just a bit, and the problem is solved.

Thank you. I knew it couldn’t be new, but I’ve been out of the Scrivener loop for a bit and didn’t know where the complete bug list went.

Yes, this is a known bug that will not be present in 1.0. Unfortunately I’m no longer supporting Scrivener Gold (because Scrivener 1.0 is a rewrite and in many ways a different beast altogether), so there is no official bug list (there is no point compiling one until it is released as a beta). If you want to start a bug list for Scrivener Gold in the Scrivener Gold forum, that is fine, but please do remember that there will be no more development on SG…

No worries then. It doesn’t stop the work flow. I’ll be looking forward to 1.0.