Complete newbie

I’ve just started and I’ve lost my mind. I don’t know where my work is on my Mac. I don’t see an icon or a link to access my outline and my chapters. I’ve looked on YouTube for help. But I am at a standstill after beginning a couple of days ago. Can anyone help? I don’t see LiteratureandLatte or Scrivener in my History or files? How do I access my work? What should I be looking for? Thank you!!

You should be looking for something which looks like a file ending with .scriv (which is in fact a folder with sub-folders and files).

Make a file search in Finder for .scriv

There is also a menu command (in the direct-sale version as Apple doesn’t allow software on the store to search) in the File menu to hunt for all projects in Spotlight.

I am so new I didn’t realize its the free trial version I am looking for. I haven’t bought it yet. ugh

Your work is stored separately from the application. It shouldn’t matter whether you’re using the free trial version or not.

Your projects (.scriv files) will be stored wherever you put them, usually the Documents folder.

The Scrivener application will usually be in the Applications folder.

As noted, you can use Finder’s search function to locate either.


If you download the free Alfred app , it is of great help in finding files, among very many other things it can do.