Complete Project in Outline View?

I know this might seem redundant – that’s what the Binder is for. But lately I’ve been working a lot in outline view with the binder and inspector hidden. I have set up navigation shortcuts to allow me to move up and down in the project hierarchy. I am able to navigate all the way down to the document level, but going up the project hierarchy (with Command-control-R, "Go to enclosing group) only takes me as far as the folder I started in. I can’t get to the top level of the project to be able to navigate to another top-level folder. For that, I have to reveal the binder, or use the View > Go to menu. Any chance that outline view (and/or corkboard view) could display the entire project the way the binder does?


No, I’m afraid not. This would entail having the Draft, Research and Trash folders available in the outline and corkboard views, but as they don’t support meta-data, synopses or much movement beyond root-level order, this would be incredibly problematic. As you note, the idea of the outliner is really to zoom in on subfolders, so while I understand your wish, I wouldn’t want to try to duplicate the entire binder in the outliner (or vice versa) because of the problems it would cause.

Thanks and all the best,

Incidentally you can jump over to the binder with Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-B. That will give you full project access with the arrow keys and letter-type-matching, as you are accustomed to, without using the mouse.

Thanks Keith, that makes sense. Showing or hiding the binder is not a big deal; I just wanted to be able to us the same QuicKey shortcut to jump around entirely from within the outliner. (Although, as I think about it, I’ve already got a workable solution: have my “up” shortcut reveal the binder when the “enclosing folder” menu is not available. Once again, QuicKeys saves the day!).