Complete Short Film Production

Hi everyone,

after struggling quite a bit with Celtx, I switched to Scrivener since it seemed much better integrated with my Mac. It looks nicer and feels smoother. Of course, there’s a lot that Scrivener can’t do that Celtx can. But workflow is more important to me, so I set up a template for complete film productions, wrote a screenplay and made the film. :wink:

Find attached the template with some additional icons. I used Scrivener for screenplay writing and pre-production (every index card was a prop, an effect, a sound, a storyboard image, an actor, a character, a location and so on). So I was able to collect all my info in one place and arrange and look at it at all times. During production, I had my laptop with me, checking the script and the storyboard, adding “DONE” labels etc.

The film itself is more like an experiment: It’s our first short film, our first film with DSLR cameras and our first attempt on HD shooting. So we had to concentrate on certain aspects while ignoring others. This time it was about “creating a mood with light and sound”, so don’t expect originality. :mrgreen:

Anyway, here’s the film:

If you feel like providing feedback: You’re welcome to, whatever it is. As beginners, we rely on it! And if you have ideas on how to improve the template - go ahead! 8)

Best regards,

Christian (333 KB)