Completely flummoxed by Scrivener

I’ve been working with Scrivener for nearly a year and am well and truly challenged. I’ve watched every video and exhausted every manual and I still can’t navigate it with any grace.

Can anyone please help me with the following?

  1. I need to create a simple title page for my book. Where? How? is it a secret?

  2. In my frustration, I tried just pushing buttons and ended up with a “New Collection.” I didn’t want a new collection. how do I delete it - without deleting my collection?

Thank you so much!

Title page? If you mean the cover you don’t do it in Scrivener.

If you’re using one of Scrivener’s project templates, it may already include a template for a Title Page. If not, you can either create a new project and drag the Title Page over, or just create your own from scratch. It goes in the Binder like any other document.

The View -> Show Collections command will show you the whole list. Select the one you want to get rid of, and click the minus sign in its header bar. Your actual documents will not be affected. (The command is on the View menu in Scrivener 3. It may be in a different location in Scrivener 2, but it definitely exists.)